Organising entities



A.T.I.V. was founded in Parma in January 1985 in order to promote the scientific-technical knowledge of Italian technologists about recent technological developments.

To the present day the fundamental function of the association has been to update its members, organising a yearly conference, seminars and meetings in order to foster the technical choices necessary to improve, with knowledge, the quality and productivity of glass plants. 


University of Parma is a scientific community of a long tradition, made up by professors and researchers who work in the broader context of the international scientific community. 

It fosters study as a key factor for personal development and individual enrichment. The aim is to guide and encourage students to make the most of their capacities.



La Association Internationale pour l’Histoire du Verre – AIHV is an international organisation which aims is to study and promote glass in every sector, from archeoligy to design, from R&D to artistic production, with a glance to technological, historical and economic aspects of the production.