Parma - the City



Parma is a city of about 194,000 inhabitants in the region of Emilia-Romagna. Parma offers the guests a rich cultural heritage: the city is famous for its history and architecture, the surrounding countryside, the lyrical music tradition and the food excellences (Parma ham and cheese – above all).

Parma’s Etruscan name was adapted by Romans to describe the round shield called Parma. The city is divided into two parts by a stream with the same name.
Parma is a city full of charm and elegance, where you feel the lovely atmosphere of a little capital and it is a welcoming place with a sustainable way of life.
Its historic center has a typical Roman layout - full of artistic masterpieces, green areas and parks, treasures of different ages – welcomes the tourist and pampers them with grace.

Parma is much more than this: Verdi lyrical music, the food culture and its surrounding territory represent endless resources for the visitors. Many sport and relaxing activities are also possible in this area.
Natural landscape between the Po River and the Apennines, little towns full of history, abbeys and castles, medieval parish churches and theatres. Here the culture of the earth and the pork manufacturing are turned into real cookery art with antique tradition.

Nevertheless, Parma is characterized by an extremely dynamic economy and is the capital of the Italian “food valley”, the home to good cuisine and wines. This is the site of the University of Parma, one of the oldest Universities in the world and - since 2005 - Parma hosts the European Food Safety Authority’s agency.

In the city center, the guest can experience the lively atmosphere of the town: walking along ancient streets and lanes you can appreciate small typical restaurants and trattorias, elegant coffees, wineries and groceries, smart boutiques, “Violetta di Parma” shop where you can taste and buy local specialties and then, you can relax strolling through parks and green areas.

Finally, Parma is part of the 
Unesco Creative Cities of Gastronomy network. This unique mix makes Parma an exclusive site for your congress and an unforgettable experience.


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