Information for the Authors

Abstract submission will be open from: July 15th2019.

Abstract submission deadline: January 17th, 2021.

Abstract submission decision will be notified by e-mail to the presenting author within January 31st, 2021. Instructions for poster or oral presentation will be included with notification of acceptance.


The selected papers will be published in the Journal of Engineernig Mechanics and in the Journal of Applied Glass Science.

Before submitting your abstract please carefully read the guidelines below and the instructions you will find at the submission website.


Guidelines for abstract submission:

  • Abstracts are to be written in acceptable standard English. Abstracts must be accurate and in the complete final version (edited for grammar and spelling) before submitting.
  • Abstracts need to be self-contained and self-explanatory, with full results and discussion. Abstracts ending with “results will be shown and discussed during the congress” or anything similar will not be accepted
  • Abstract length is restricted to 2500 characters, about 350 words including title and affiliations.
  • The title should clearly identify the content of the abstract and is restricted to 150 characters max.
  • Please indicate your topic preference when submitting.
  • Images cannot be included in the abstract.
  • The author can indicate the preferred presentation mode (oral or poster) in the submission form.
  • Submit abstracts using the online form available (no other means of sending will be accepted).

Conditions of acceptance:

By completing the submission of your abstract, you will declare that:

  • The abstract has not been presented, in the identical form, in another conference.
  • If the abstract is accepted, at least one of the authors will be registered to the conference. Please register for the conference within April 18th, 2021 (if travel permissions, such as visas, cannot be arranged before this date, please contact the Organizing Committee: ativ2020@mvcongressi.it).
  • For each submitted abstract at least 1 different author shall be registered: the same author shall
    not register and present more than 1 abstract.
  • If an accepted abstract is to be withdrawn from the conference, it must be done prior to April 18th 2021.
  • The Scientific Program Committee reserves the right to determine whether a submission is accepted as oral or poster presentation and will indicate it in the notification of acceptance.

Only contributions from registered and paying participants (within April 18th 2021) will be published. Within the deadline of April 11th 2021 all authors shall have registered and paid for the registration fee: failure to do that, the abstract will be cancelled. No exception will be made.

Contributions will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee. Notification of the status of your abstract will be communicated to the presenting author within January 31st, 2021 by e-mail.

Instructions for poster or oral presentation will be included with notification of acceptance.